Kartoffel-Centrum Bayern

    The company KCB was entered in the Augsburg Register Court in October 1998.
    Aviko, belonging to the Dutch Cosun Group, as the largest European potato processor, decided to build a factory for the production of French fries in Rain am Lech. The raw material supply of potatoes was to be provided by an upstream service company.
    The company Wilhelm Weuthen in Schwalmtal on the Lower Rhine was entrusted with the service and had to create the appropriate instruments and conditions for this.
    Supplying the Aviko production with Bavarian potatoes posed a great challenge. KCB held numerous regional farmer meetings where the objectives were presented. A long-term, partnership-based cooperation with the Bavarian producers was sought.

    Aviko's investments in Rain am Lech, one of the most modern production plants in the world, progressed rapidly, as did KCB's investments. A modern, efficient processing plant for just-in-time supply in 3-shift operation was built.
    The commissioning of both investments took place in December 1999.
    The demand planning for the processing raw material was 120,000 to / year. The goals associated with the investments in Rain am Lech have been achieved, even exceeded.

    With the start of the 2011 harvest, our second site in Geiselhöring went into operation.